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Mastering the Thumb

It's official. Cameron has mastered the thumb. While I am loathe to admit that we have given up the battle of the thumb vs. pacifier - I am thrilled that he can finally get that thumb in his mouth when he wants it.

Mad Skills :)

The red mark on his nose is partly due to his scratching. Those little baby nails are so sharp and he preferd to have his index finger looped over his nose. The other red mark was there at birth and they have told us it will go away.
happy couple


I started getting a sore throat yesterday - by the evening I felt the cold coming on. By the middle of the night - there was no mistaking it.

I have a cold. I'm tired and almost 36 weeks pregnant.

Ben didn't sleep well last night and he doesn't feel like moving much either.

I've had 2 naps and don't feel a bit better.

I have work to do.

Have I mentioned my husband is holding it in, but is ready to throw me overboard?

Oh yeah, and Mason hasn't napped today.
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Surprise Expenses

Due to pregnancy clumsiness - my Kyocera 7135 Palm Pilot Telephone finally decided it had had enough after I dropped it a 3rd time. It hung in there for a few more weeks, but it finally gave up its ghost last night.

THANKFULLY, I was JUST barely up for renewal after 2 years with that phone. I am really hooked on the palm features regardless if they haven't really had a software upgrade in 2 years. I researched before as to whether or not I wanted the Windows 5.0 service on the phone but for all the reasons people use Windows on their phone - none of them were true for me.

So today, I ordered my Treo 700p .

It should be here tomorrow - It does more than I need since I don't really like email on my phone. However, since I have to pay for a data plan ANYWAY - I may just set it up regardless.

I think thebroomecloset has a Treo - which version did you go with?
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Bustin' with pride

For those of you not on my husband's friend list - go here.

He is too modest to really brag, but I am not. The rating system was 1-4 with 1 being the highest. Ben was rated a 1!!!! Those of you in corporate america know that to get the highest rating in your group is damn hard and they don't give out many of them.

Ben has worked his ASS off at this company. He would refuse to leave work until he knew he could manage the next day's tasks, which for many many months left him at work til nearly 8 and sometimes 9 o'clock. There were several occasions where he worked at home, on weekends, and even would remain at work until midnight on a few occasions. I have tried to manage our family where I could take on enough to allow him to work this craziness because in the end - I knew it would benefit us all. There have been many sacrifices along the way, most of it coming from the sweat of Ben's brow.

Finally, for us to see how much of this is finally coming to fruition - is AWESOME - excuse me while I gloat. Hopefully they will reward him financially for all of this work. The raises won't kick in til August - which is when the baby is due.

So for my husband- thank you for all that you do for our family - and thank you for taking care of us. I am so proud of you. I am just happy I get to share this with you.